Kidnapping: Senate Asks Uniform Men To Travel By Road To Chase Culprits

Senate Questions Security Funds’ Spending
Senate President Ahmad Lawan yesterday declared that the Senate must know how the security agencies utilise funds received. Lawan declared this at senate plenary session while speaking on cases of insecurity along the Abuja-Kaduna Highway.
He said: “We need to be radical. We need to give them more funds. It is not enough to give them money, we must see how they utilise the money. We need to go back to the report on the ad-hoc committee on security infrastructure. We could go by way of public hearing to review security infrastructure. The way they are, we are not getting the best out of them.” Lawan said the Senate would also insist that security operatives travel by the road rather than join “ordinary” Nigerians in the train because of kidnappers.
He said: “We will also insist that uniform people must not join the train because they are the ones supposed to protect us on the highways,” he said. “The military, police and all these paramilitary agencies should allow ordinary people to use the train. Let them ply the roads because they will clear the road for other road users to go on the road.”

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