Internet On Fire As Popular TV Presenter, Charles Anazodo Blasts Tiwa Savage For Disrespecting Him

Tiwa Savage and popular sports television presenter, Charles Anazodo have had a discord that has quickly on Twitter.

It appears while Tiwa was rushing for her interview yesterday at BeatFM 99 with Olisa Adibua, the sports presenter (Charles Anazodo) was on the path to which she was walking. Tiwa however walked past him without extending her greetings. The presenter however took offence and went to twitter to vent his anger over Tiwa Savage’s alleged “discourteous” attitude.”
He wrote; “Tiwa Savage was a guest on THEBEAT99FM_ earlier today,arrived and walked past kallydoe and i, and didn’t have the courtesy to say hello. I guess being a superstar gives you the right to be discourteous.”
This act by Charles Anazodo apparently angered Tiwa Savage as she replied him saying Charles must have seen her rushing because she’s late. She opined that even if she intentionally didn’t want to greet, what stopped him from extending greetings first.
She responded; “First of all I’m sure you saw me rushing to the studio because I was late for my interview plus I had a hat on, second I’m glad I didn’t say hi because who are you to think you can’t say hi first.”
This hot-headedness has already caused a ruckus on Twitter with fans torn in between who to support and who not to. See picture of Twitter conversation below:

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